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The Baby Room – “Pixies”

Our Pixies room is situated nearest the entrance to the nursery and is a very sociable environment that is centered around the nursery and its team. The Pixies is registered for a small number of 6 babies, who have two consistent team members working on a 1:3 ratio, both specialised in working with the babies, and who have both worked within this age group for over 8 years.

Babies under 12 months are cared for in this separate room tailored specifically for this age range.

The room is brightly decorated with lots of colourful pictures on the wall and mobiles hanging from the ceiling. There is a wide range of age appropriate toys and play equipment and there is plenty of space for floor – play/crawling.

AGE GROUP* : 3 months – 1 year
*A child will be moved up into this room based on the child’s development and not age.


The children have free access to the sand area and water areas during outside play, which they enjoy twice a day. All other Learning activities are planned and closely adult supervised, to allow for messy play activities to develop all of the babies senses, confidence to try new things and textures and promote self esteem.

The Pixies Room has an area with cots for sleeping babies allowing them to snooze away peacefully whilst others are playing and exploring. Sleeping babies are closely monitored by staff and this is recorded.

Our ethos is to work in relationship with you as the parent, to adhere to any routines you have established at home.

The Staff

The ratio of staff to babies in the Pixies Room is one staff member to every 3 babies. The room leader has a level 3 qualification in early years and experience of working with babies prior to becoming room leader.

The staff in the Pixies Room are friendly and cheerful and genuinely enjoy their work with babies and treat all babies as individuals.


We will endeavor to meet your child’s needs by following the routine you have in place at home. If your key person has to divert from this – for example – your baby became hungrier a little earlier than usual and needed their feed, they will discuss this change with you upon collection.

There is less “organised” play in the Pixies Room compared to other rooms within the nursery, as babies own routines are followed. You will find lots of interesting natural baskets with a variety of objects from fur cones, sets of keys to raftan balls. These are our treasure baskets or open ended toys (more information can be found in the section – learning through play) and these items are available at all times for your baby to explore.

Arrival and Collection

On entry to the Pixies Room you be asked to remove your outdoor shoes or cover them with shoe covers to keep the floor hygienic and clean if you are entering the room.

When you drop off your baby your key person or a known member of staff to your child will be ready and available to give your child a cuddle to ensure they are feeling secure and safe on your departure.

It is important that any important changes to routine, feeds or significant events such as teething, disturbed nights sleep is shared with your key person so they are best prepared and informed to provide support for your baby.

When you collect your baby you will be given a written record that informs you how much your child has eaten and drank, what activities they have enjoyed, information about their nappy changes and their condition and any other relevant information relevant to your child’s day or that may impact your childs routine once back at home with you.

You will be invited to call us during the day for an update about how your child is doing at any time.


What we need from you:

  • A supply of nappies;
  • Barrier/nappy creams;
  • Comforter;
  • Expressed or formula milk;
  • Change of clothes for the time of year – including vest, top, bottoms and sock/tights;
  • Coat hat and gloves;
  • Sun cream/ sun hat; and
  • Any other special creams or long term medication.

Other Rooms at Enchanted Nursery

Nursery Room

The Wizards is registered for eighteen children a day, who have four consistent team members in it working towards a 1:4 staff to child ratio.

Pre School

Our Pre School Room (Unicorns Room) is led under the guidance of a Qualified Early Years Room Leader, supported by an Excellent Staff Team.


It provides a relaxed, homely environment, tailored for those becoming more mobile and taking their first steps of exploration.

what parents say

Our Testimonies

I would recommend Enchanted Nursery to any family in the area! It’s fantastic – a very positive, happy staff who care for each child and their individual needs

Claire Jennings


He loves his days at nursery. I never have any worries/concerns leaving him. He comes home exhausted and I know it’s because he’s had so much fun

Jenna Pearcy


Staff put the time and effort into Tapestry, which is a great communication tool that our whole family can look at

Maddie Jones


I would recommend Enchanted Nursery to any family in the area! It’s fantastic – a very positive, happy staff who care for each child and their individual needs

Claire Jennings