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Extra Classes

Enchanted Nursery offers a variety of extra classes for your child to participate in.


Vanessa Golborn from the Vanessa Golborn School of Dance comes into teach ballet every Tuesday afternoon to any children who have signed up to her class. Vanessa has a fantastic reputation in various styles of dance from classical ballet (Royal Academy of Dance), Street Jazz, Tap and Modern. The children absolutely love her classes and often sign up to her School of Dance outside of nursery times.


Sarah Human comes in to teach French every Monday morning to any children who have signed up to her class. Her classes are fun yet educational.



Any children who are aged three years and above, are offered the opportunity to go and learn to swim at Energique Fitness Club at the top of Anstey Park (only a stone’s throw away from the nursery). The swimming class is for 30 minutes each Friday (for 12 weeks each term) and is taught by two swimming instructors at Energique Fitness Club. Nursery staff accompany the children to and from the venue and assist the children in getting changed into and out of their swimming attire.

Many parents feel that the classes are a great idea, especially as finding the time to teach their own children is often very tough.

Tatty Bumpkin Yoga

Every Tuesday Morning our instructor Helen comes to the nursery to teach Yoga in partnership with Tatty Bumpkin. Children included in these classes aged between 2-4 years will be helped to be bendy, giggly, clever and strong: Bendy: develops flexibility through yoga. Giggly: enhances creativity with fun multi-sensory stories and original music. Clever: aids development with smart-links to support the early years curriculum. Strong:promotes wellbeing and relaxation. The children use their imagination’s alongside exercise and often visit places like the seaside, exploring creatures on the beach together.

If you have any further questions on any of the extra classes that we currently offer, please do not hesitate to speak with the manager.

Emma’s Music Magic

Emma works with groups of children each Thursday morning to create fun sessions of Music from around the world focussing on specific genres and rhythm sometimes with the use of instruments. As a singer and drama instructor she encourages listening, concentration and confidence in performing through music, drama and dance.

what parents say

Testimonials About Little Birdies

I would recommend Enchanted Nursery to any family in the area! It’s fantastic – a very positive, happy staff who care for each child and their individual needs

Claire Jennings

Claire Jennings


He loves his days at nursery. I never have any worries/concerns leaving him. He comes home exhausted and I know it’s because he’s had so much fun

Jenna Pearcy

Jenna Pearcy


Staff put the time and effort into Tapestry, which is a great communication tool that our whole family can look at

Maddie Jones

Maddie Jones