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Childcare Philosophy

Childcare Philosophy

Childcare Philosophy

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and must be supported to fulfill their full potential. A childs experience in the early years has a major impact on their future life chances. (EYFS  welfare standards 1.1)

Parents and carers only get one shot at ensuring a child has the best start in life, as such, as parents we look to find a nursery that will work with us as partners in sharing a child’s care and providing an environment rich in love, learning, fun, and excitement.

In addition a setting must be plentiful in opportunities to play, explore, learn and experiment and also allow children to take risk, make choices, gain confidence and grow into the individuals we aspire them to be.

I strive for this to be our ethos and ensure its value is placed on every aspect of what we set out to achieve for parents and children within our nursery. I am passionate about childcare and what we do at Enchanted Nursery and this is the driving force behind our ethos.

I became involved in Day Nurseries as I loved being a mum to my 2 children, as they grew older I missed the pleasure I enjoyed spending time with young children. I also wanted to provide high quality childcare that gave parents in work or training to work peace of mind that their child was well cared for in a safe, secure, rich and varied environment.

I believe our nursery has developed its own unique qualities that make a nursery a special, fun and exciting place to be and with our excellent staff team who are dedicated to providing your child with a personalised programme of care and education you can be sure that you have chosen the right setting for your child.

Statement from Sunita Verma (Registered Person)

The core to our ethos is how we individualise each and every child in our setting, we ensure our practice:

  • celebrates and raises awareness of diversity;
  • celebrates your child’s own culture and promotes the understanding of others;
  • ensures children feel valued and value others;
  • ensures inclusion of all regardless of race, religion or abiltiy;
  • ensures children feel secure enough to challenge negative attitudes to difference;
  • acknowledges children’s progress at their own pace ;
  • ensures no child or family is discriminated against;
  • ensures children form positive relationships with a key adult (key person) in our setting; and
  • ensures the welfare requirements and standards, regulated by Ofsted are met at all times.

We deliver this ethos through the activities we provide for children, the resources available for selection, festivals and special days we celebrate and the meals we cater for.

As a team we have devised our values, vision and behaviours, which we use as a kind of mission statement to parents, staff and children who use our setting.

About our requirements and standards

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) was introduced into our nurseries in 2008 and is a statutory framework for the early years sector which sets the standards and regulations for learning, development and care for children from birth to five years.

Ofsted (our governing body) must take account that as a setting we have due regard to this document and exercise its functions compliantly, and any outcome of an inspection will reflect this.

The EYFS is broken down into two main parts:

* The Welfare standards – which outlines guidance on legal requirements needed to be in place in a early years setting

* Practice guidance – which supports staff in assessing a child’s progress and helps them provide the best learning experience for all babies and children.

Research shows that children are active learners and their environments and activities should be designed to give children the opportunities to learn through discovery and exploration as such stimulating their natural curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Play is vital to children. It helps them to understand the world around them, make connections and supports their emotional, social and spirtual well being.

For more information about our approach to play please click on the “learning through play” in the side bar.