Welcome to Enchanted Nursery in Alton
103 Anstey Road Alton Hampshire GU34 2RN



What we as a nursery put into our children’s mouths is as important as what we put in their minds. We aim to always provide a healthy and well balanced diet for your child whilst they are in our care. All our lunches are home-cooked on the premises and fresh ingredients are used each day, providing the children with three meals, plus snacks.

Mealtimes are a time at nursery when adults and children have the chance to sit together and socialise in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, where encouragement and praise is given, ensuring the children have positive relationships and knowledge over the foods we eat. We focus on the good eating and praise our children when they try new foods and eat well.

In the nursery we use the Eat Better Start Better guidelines for portion size, nutrition and food safety, you can read more about what they do for us here. We have achieved our ‘Five-star food safety award’ for food hygiene on the premises from the the Food Standards Agency. The Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB) food safety management procedures and food hygiene regulation guidelines can be viewed here.

When we are preparing our home cooked delicious meals we work from a four weekly rotated menu, which is created by our nursery chef, and the nursery team, with the input of our parents and children’s choices.

We have good knowledge of allergies and intolerances, and are a ‘Nut Free Setting’ and are used to managing many of these allergies/intolerances on a daily basis, with a nursery system that enables us to cater for all children’s dietary requirements safely and considerately.