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Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners

The key-person approach enables us to build the foundations for a good parent-partnership, where being part of the nursery is more like being part of an extended family. We like to include all of our parents as much as possible in their child’s learning and development, with good feedback and a friendly approach.

Each day your child’s key person and ‘key team’ will be available for you, providing feedback about your child’s day and to share any significant achievements and events. We welcome parental contributions in all forms especially those in relation to your child’s ‘Learning from home’, and any ideas with improvements you feel will benefit the setting.

We offer an open office door policy in our setting and encourage our parents to come in anytime to discuss any wishes, concerns and requirements with the management team, or just pop in for a quick chat. Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators, and when parents work together with practitioners in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on children’s development and learning.

Upon registration we will begin to gather information about your child, during ‘Settling-In Sessions’. During this your key person will record information including that of your child’s likes, dislikes, personal needs, diet, and any support they may need as an individual. These settle sessions can be specifically scheduled to meet the needs of your child, and we will organise these with you during registration, or previous to your start date if you are signing up in advance. We usually look to book in settle sessions during the week previous to your start date, however we can organise more or less to suit them individually. Some children need a few weeks of settles, others need no settles, however we do encourage a play session where parents are involved to gather the individual information relating to you child. You know your child best, and the settle sessions will be organised to best suit the needs of your child, in how best to prepare them for nursery. Once your child has begun their journey with us your key person will begin to observe their development, achievements and plan future experiences and opportunities for them. This is all recorded in your child’s individual learning journal and can be accessed by you at any time and you can ask your key person to make an appointment to discuss your child’s progress at any time.

We pride ourselves as a setting which offers support to our parents in being part of their children’s learning and development, with celebrating the learning at home and informing us. We can give parenting advice and support through behavioural challenges, toilet training and educational targets amongst other things, and as a nursery we are registered to accept Two, Three and Four year old funding. We can apply for EarlyYears Pupil Premium (EYPP) or any funding for Special Educational Needs (SEN) on your behalf, and offer any financial advice where we can. Our parents are responsible for organising their own tax credits and student finance to pay for their childcare fees, and are required to meet a specific fee payment date.

We know that your priority is to find a nursery that offers the right setting for your child and one that also understands the importance of earning the trust and confidence of you, the parent. We dedicate ourselves to achieve this trust as quickly as possible, and as a team, hope to build a trusting parent and carer partnership, supporting you and your child through the most important Early Years.

We welcome all parental contributions, and this would also include all significant people involved with your child. We hold parents evenings twice a year and invite you to come along and meet with your key person to discuss all aspects of your child’s care, learning and development. We also hold family week every year so you are able to experience a typical day at nursery, you have the opportunity to see how we deliver the EYFS in your child’s age group, get involved in some of the activities we provide for the children, and the learning value behind these. Spending the day with us can also be organised on request at any time, as the children enjoy nothing more than a new face to play and learn with.

The well-respected childcare theorist Elinor Goldschmied who pioneered the importance of the ‘Key Person Approach’, also describes the “Triangular relationship” that needs to develop among the Early Years practitioner (primarily the key person), a child’s parent(s) and the child. She chose the image of the triangle deliberately because each part of the shape is equally important and contributes to the whole. If anybody in the practitioner – parent – child triangle feel anxious, unhappy or under emotional threat, than everyone else will be effected. We look forward to building and maintaining these partnerships with our parents and bonds with the children we work with ensuring that the first experience of education is a good one, for the triangle.